How to use a Tesla Supercharger?

Using a Tesla Supercharger is fairly straightforward:

1) Locate a Tesla Supercharger station

You can use the Tesla app or the Tesla website to find the nearest Supercharger station.

How to use a Tesla Supercharger?
How to use a Tesla Supercharger?

How to Locate a Tesla Supercharger station?

  • Use the Tesla app: The Tesla app includes a “Navigate” feature that allows you to search for and navigate to the nearest Super-charger station. Simply open the app and select “Navigate” from the main menu, then search for “Supercharger” and select a station from the list of results.
  • Use the Tesla website: You can also use the Tesla website to search for Supercharger stations. Go to the Tesla website and select “Find Us” from the main menu, then select “Supercharger” from the drop-down menu. You can then enter your location and search for nearby Supercharger stations.
  • Look for Supercharger signs: Tesla Super-charger stations are typically marked with large, distinctive signs that are easy to spot from the road. You may be able to see a Supercharger station from the highway or main road, or you can simply look for the signs as you drive.
  • Ask for directions: If you’re having trouble finding a char station, you can always ask for directions at a local Tesla service center or dealership, or you can contact Tesla customer support for assistance.

2) Plug in your Tesla to the Charger

How to Plug in your Tesla to the charger? 

  • Locate the charging port: The charging port is typically located on the front of the car, near the driver’s side front wheel.
  • Open the charging port: To open the charging port, you may need to use a button or lever located on the outside of the car. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions.
  • Connect the charging cable: Once the charging port is open, take the charging cable provided by Tesla and connect it to the port on your car. The charging cable has a handle that makes it easy to grip, and it will only fit into the port one way.
  • Plug in the other end of the cable: Take the other end of the charging cable and plug it into the charging station or wall outlet. Make sure the cable is fully inserted and the connection is secure.
  • Close the charging port: Once the charging cable is connected, close the charging port by pressing it gently until it snaps into place.

Wait for your Tesla to charge:

The amount of time it takes to fully charge your Tesla at a Supercharger station will depend on the model of your Tesla and the state of your battery. You can check the progress of your charge using the Tesla app or the touchscreen display in your car.

Unplug and go:

When your Tesla is fully charged, simply unplug the charging cable and you’re ready to hit the road again. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your battery level as you drive, and plan your route to include additional Supercharger stops if needed.

Note: In order to use a Tesla Super-charger, you must have a Tesla account and a Tesla vehicle equipped with Supercharger capability.


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